Featured below are 5 tips to utilize when applying for a payday loan

Featured below are 5 tips to utilize when applying for a payday loan

If followed, you will not only increase your chances for approval, but you will get the best payday loan (maximum borrowing amount with most desirable interest rates). If you have any questions about how payday loans work, please contact us. Get more info about getting the best payday loans.

Apply for your loan in the morning
If you can, apply the second you wake up! We are not kidding! Bottom line, the earlier you can apply, the better. Typically, lenders will begin to close their day around noon.

Submit your application early in the morning
That’s right, we are saying it again. We can not emphasize enough how important it is to apply early in the day. Almost every payday loan lender has daily caps or limits as to how many loans they will fund/day. Once they reach their cap, they will not take anymore applications for the day. Some lenders will take applications throughout the day, but tighten the restrictions they impose for approvals as the day progresses. Therefore, the later you apply in the day, the harder it is going to be for you to get approved. In fact, the amount of lenders that will see your app upon submission will likely decrease by 50% by mid-afternoon and by 75% by the evening time. There are very few payday lenders that are full-steam 24/7. Choice Personal Loans is a 24/7 provider of payday loans. You can apply with us any time of the day. Your chances of approval will be the same if you apply at 6am and if you apply at midnight!

Fill out your application accurately
It is very important that you input accurate information when remitting your payday loan application. Avoid leaving information out and do not try and deceive the lenders at all. Don’t forget that the United States is still in an economic crisis and all lenders are looking for reasons not to lend. The bottom line is that the information you input needs to make sense to lenders. They DO want to help people with bad credit. But, if you lie about your job, income or any other critical underwriting criteria, they will figure it out and deny your request. In addition, any future lender that views any subsequent applications, will see that you lied on your previous applications and most certainly deny you again. To avoid a future of continuous payday loan rejection, NEVER input false or erroneous information.

Sell yourself to any potential lender
Some lenders will contact you via telephone to verify information before they decide whether or not to fund your loan. Therefore, relay any positive information that you may have about yourself. If you are a borderline approval, any extra info will help your case, and potentially put you over into the approval zone. Payday lenders are the most understanding when it comes to realizing that ‘bad things happen to good people’. Everyone makes mistakes and/or things happen that are beyond our control. Payday lenders understand this, but you need to let them into your life by informing them of all the bad that has happened and all the good that is going on now.

Communicate with your lender in the event that you can not pay your loan on time
Did you know that over 50% of payday loans go into collections? The lenders are fully aware of this. Therefore, you need to communicate with your lender if you are going to fall behind. Falling behind is very common and they will work with you by making an alternate schedule for re-payment. They would much rather get paid in-full over a longer time period than have to put your account into collections and potentially get paid a fraction of what they are owed.

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